Senior / Junior Web Developer

We are looking for a senior / junior web developer.


Application to:

We require:

  • Experience with C# / JavaScript
  • Experience in web development
  • Willingnes to contribute to a development of a platform corima (universal platform for component applications focused on finance management)
  • Ability to work in international team, English is a must, German/Czech can be an adventage
  • Experience with AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC, NUnit, WCF, Nhibernate are welcome

We offer:

  • Job in Brno in JIC technology park (Purkyňova 127, Královo Pole)
  • Food voachers, paid overhours, regular teambuilding events
  • Flexible working hours
  • Refreshments at the workplace
  • Support of MCSD certification
  • Possible cooperation with university – related diploma/bachelor thesis
  • Friendly environment of a small team, typically university graduates (CVUT, VTU, MFF)
  • Full-time/Half-time

Which tools do we use?

  • Visual Studio 2015/2017
  • Code Refactoring: ReSharper
  • Autotester: JetBrains TeamCity
  • CodeReview: JetBrains Upsource
  • BugTracker: JetBrains YouTrack
  • Syncfusion